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How to apply for a UK Spouse Visa

UK Marriage or Spouse visa allows a person who is present and settled in the UK – (ILR Holer or) British Citizen. UK marriage visa is a part of the 'Family visa UK' category. Since 9 July 2012, you are required to meet the financial requirement to get your partner to the UK. Your partner can also bring children (if any) for whole they have sole custody or sole responsibility with you to the UK as a dependent child.


There are eligibility conditions that you and/or your married part...

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High Potential Individual Visa

The UK wants top talents from across the world to come to the UK and work here. With this objective, on 22 July 2021, the UK Government has pledged to introduce new High potential individuals and scale-up visa routes to attract and retain highly-skilled, internationally mobile innovation talent. The objective is to open the borders for top talent, making the UK a place for highly talented people to come and work. High Potential Individual visas will allow overseas citizens to come to the UK with...

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Fiancé Visa - How to prepare your application

The UK Fiancé visa is a route for a non-British individual to join his/her fiancé who is settled in the UK. UK Fiancé visa is also termed as prospective marriage or civil partnership visa and it is different from spouse/partner visa. UK fiancé visa allows the applicant to join his partner in the UK for 6 months and during the 6 months; both must get married or enter into a civil partnership with each other.

Eligibility for UK Fiance Visa

1. You and your UK based partner must be 18 or above;...

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Family members of HM Forces

The British Armed Forces are also known as HM (Her Majesty's) Armed Forces. HM Forces are the military services responsible for defending the UK, its overseas territories, and the Crown dependencies. HM forces include the Royal Navy, the British Army, and the Royal Air Force.

HM Forces are exempt from immigration control

Serving members of HM forces are free from immigration control. One in HM forces can seek to enlist in an appropriate department in the HM forces, and once enlisted, they


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EEA Family Members After Brexit

The Brexit Date is set for 31st December 2020. Brexit is when the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal. If a deal happens it has to pass through Parliament but if no deal is passed the default position in that situation is that the UK would leave the EU without a deal. With the recent victory of Boris Johnson, it is quite likely that a deal will be passed. However, whether a deal is passed or not passed what happens to an EEA national living in the UK and what happens to their family members ...

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Criminality and UK Immigration

Criminality is a vital factor when one thinks to apply for a UK visa or British Citizenship. The Home Office checks thoroughly if there is any criminal record for you and if so whether you should be granted the visa or not. Applicants may need to submit a criminal record certificate if they are submitting an application for skilled worker jobs under Table 2 of the Appendix Skilled Occupations. There are various requirements one needs to fulfil while making a visa application and a previous cr...

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UK Partner Visa with PIP

PIP stands for Personal Independence Payment. This is a welfare benefit replacing Disability Living Allowance for people between the age of 16 and State Pension Age. The UK Sponsor (British or ILR holder) does not need to meet the financial requirement when they are receiving PIP payments. Rather they need to provide evidence to support that they will be able to adequately maintain and accommodate their foreign partner in the UK.

Eligibility for UK Spouse Visa:

There is no change to these r...

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Exceptional Circumstances – Appendix FM Immigration Rules

Families such as spouses, partners, and children who wish to make the UK their home can apply for a UK Family visa. British citizens or those who are settled in the UK can bring their partners to the UK by sponsoring them and meeting other requirements of the visa. Appendix FM of the immigration rules allows a British citizen or one settled in the UK to bring their spouse or partner to the UK. There are some eligibility and suitability requirements to be met for this. However, what if someone is...

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Bringing your child to the UK – Sole Responsibility

Children of British citizens or parents who are settled holding Indefinite Leave to remain can apply for their children to join them if the parent or parents are in the UK and have sole responsibility for the child. The similar requirement of sole responsibility also applies to parents who hold limited leave to remain or are granted limited leave to remain and want their child to join them or accompany them.

Who Is a Dependent?

Generally, a child under the age of 18 years is a dependent chi...

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Adoption of a child - How it works

Adopting a child from overseas and bringing them to the UK is possible. In the UK one who wishes to adopt a child from overseas is permitted for the adoption. You can adopt a child from overseas if:

  • There is no safe environment for taking care of the child in their own country
  • Adopting such a child would be in the best interest of that child
  • The one who is adopting is found eligible and suitable to adopt from overseas by an adoption agency in the UK.
The adoption process only appli

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